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This non-profit program has made an improvement in the lives of many young people in the Arts by helping to provide direction and platforms where they can share their talents. I have personally witnessed the building of one's self esteem and the enhancing of another's performance. Several youth that have been apart of A&B Productions at some point has further their careers by matriculating to college in the Arts & Entertainment field and/or have become entrepreneurs in the filed of entertainment by creating their own paths performing with local venues and several major cities. I know A&B Productions has been very instrumental with making the difference in the lives of youth and deserve the funding to continue creating dreams come true for rising stars of the future. Darla J. Foxx

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Nicole Butler and A & B Productions assist young people achieve their entertainment goals through encouragement and performing opportunities. She creates opportunities locally and through other avenue

A & B productions really helped my daughters learn about film making. When they were 8 and 10 years old they had a dream of making a very elaborate, hour-long movie featuring 20+ kids, but they didn't

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